When I say boycott Tiger, I don’t mean stop watching him play golf. I mean boycott all of his sponsors' products.

These are the money men behind the manipulated false image and the deliberate staging of his robotic apology in the middle of a major golf event.

I’m sure they all think that different rules still apply to them.

The Master’s at Augusta is a really good choice for Tiger’s return; with the restricted and highly vetted media and the club not allowing any women members (how very 21st century), plus the money men will be rubbing their hands with glee at all the extra exposure for an already high profile tournament. 
Tiger’s got a billion dollars in the bank, minus the money his lawyers are paying to keep his women acquaintances quiet and a few legal bills trying to keep any nasty images out of the hands of the gutter press.

He could have negotiated his way out of his remaining sponsors contracts and just played golf, concentrated on his excellent golf foundation and other charitable pursuits.

But no. He has decided to continue to flog all sorts of stuff from razors to cars and the odd sweatshop shirt.

And for that Golf Refugees asks you to boycott all of his sponsors products. Any takers?

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