Tiger to say thank you and sorry. Again.

Tiger's speech will no doubt include a big thank you to all who have continued to support him through this difficult time - apart from the sponsors who legged it as soon as trouble came knocking at his door and who will no doubt come crawling back once Tiger starts playing and winning tournaments again. 

And sorry, in particular, to his wife and young children and to his fans for letting them down.

Oscar Wilde once said, ‘you can resist anything but temptation,' and when you’re the biggest and highest paid sports star in the world, temptation is all around.

At this moment Tiger will not be answering any questions from the invited media.

If you purchased a TW shirt under the pretence of a squeaky clean image portrayed by him and his sponsors then you may still feel a bit short-changed. I’m not sure you can return your Nike shirt and get a refund on that basis, however, Tiger is still the best golfer of his generation in the World. Nothing can change that.

Here at Golf Refugees, we’d just like to know what Tiger eats for breakfast?

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