Shoes off

Should we all start throwing our sport shoes at World leaders? Walk barefoot in the park?

I know a golfer who prefers to play in sandals rather than expensive golf shoes, but how about strolling down the fairways exposing your bunions?

Despite all of the technology and hype surrounding sports shoes there are now more heel and Achilles tendon injuries. Astonishingly, there’s no evidence that any of modern sport shoe technology does anything, which may explain why Nike ads never explain what, exactly, their sports shoes are supposed to do.

In a 2008 research paper for British Journal of Sports Medicine, Dr Craig Richards, a physician at The University of Newcastle in Australia, revealed that after sourcing 30 years worth of studies, he couldn’t find a single one that demonstrated running shoes made you less prone to injury.
In Germany, Dr Robert Schleip at the University of Ulm said ‘if you encase the foot in thick shoes, you not only lose ground awareness, you limit your natural elasticity.’

There are of course leading scientists on both sides of the debate.

Instead of listening to the marketing gimmicks and popping down the shops to purchase the latest gear, we should all take a lesson from the Tarahumara Indians.
Unlike the vast majority of sports people, who come down heavily on their foam-covered heels and roll forward off their toes, the Tarahumara land gently on their forefeet and bend their knees, as you would if you jumped from a chair.

This ingenious, easy to learn style could have a profound effect.

ref: Christopher McDougall 'Born to Run'.


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