Golf Refugees are banned

Last week Golf Refugees suggested our site on a Linkedin discussion for ‘Best Golf web sites’, The Hackers Paradise (THP) had suggested their own site, but complained about Golf Refugees saying that our site is not for golfers.
Last year THP reviewed Golf Refugees heat absorbing original black golf ball and our range of carbon neutral golf apparel manufactured using wind and solar power.

They didn’t like the black ball, which wasn’t a complete surprise to us, as the heat absorbing black golf ball does divide opinion. However, we were disappointed that THP didn’t bother to warm up our original black golf ball in the Florida sunshine prior to testing as advised by us to gain the best performance and also failed to mention in their review whether they had noticed any difference in temperature from the heat absorbing properties of a black ball compared with the heat reflecting properties of the traditional white golf ball. This was a shame as Golf Refugees were genuinely interested in their opinion as they test a lot golf balls in hot sunny conditions.

THP offered to withdraw the review and discontinue with a review of our carbon neutral golf apparel. Golf Refugees asked for the black ball review to remain as it was and asked THP to proceed with a review of our sustainable and ethically made polo shirts. Ironically they were slightly too hot in our black polo shirts which made us wish we had sent them white eco polo shirts.

Golf Refugees received an e-mail from THP informing us that they work very closely with leading golf brands naming Bridgestone and Nike as examples. On the Linkedin discussion page Golf Refugees asked whether working so closely with leading golf brands could subconsciously affect writing independent reviews. THP got the hump with this calling it ‘scandalous’ and immediately banned future reviews of Golf Refugees 2010 tour spec heat absorbing black golf ball and our carbon neutral golf apparel.

Golf Refugees believe that our cabon neutral golf apparel was the first review by THP to discuss the merits of sustainable and ethical manufacture.

With the beginning of a new decade should independent reviewers ask more searching questions from leading golf brands on how their products are made?

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  1. This does not surprise me about TheHackersParadise.com The guy who runs it is a scam artist.