This week Golf Refugees recorded an interview with Liza Churchill, host of Goldie Bounce Golf radio show on WATD FM 95.9, (www.959watd.com) all the way from sunny Boston, MA using Skype technology.

In case you are wondering ‘goldie bounce’ is when you get a lucky bounce off say a tree, from an errant golf shot. Or a lamp post if you're playing street golf.

Big thanks to Liza for sorting out all of the technical stuff and for inviting us on her show. She’s a real pro.

Liza who I kept calling Lisa, no idea why, has a great voice for radio, unlike yours truly. I thought about trying for a posh voice, aka David Cameron, but decided upon 'keepin it real'.

On hearing a rough edit, my voice sounds a bit pitchy and for some reason I keep repeating the same words when trying to describe our golfing hero Maurice Flitcroft. There’s a funny moment when my headset falls off, sounds as if I’ve momentarily fallen down a hole, but you can hear the full interview yourself this Sunday evening.

Naturally Golf Refugees naively expect a flood of offers from other radio shows. Ginger are you listening?

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