The importance of colour

Why did Golf Refugees create a black golf ball?

Our reply usually begins with, well, we didn’t understand how ‘white’ has become the predominant colour for a golf ball? And still don’t. Early golf balls were not white, their colour usually dictated by the natural colour of the materials. If you were conducting a scientific test to find the most visible colour for a golf ball, then probably a bright orange would suffice. When taking into consideration visibility in the air and on the ground. Visibility in the air should be of great concern, especially if you are a spectator at a golf event.

How many golfers complain about their white golf ball being difficult to follow in the air? When you watch a golf tournament on the telly, the camera often loses site of the white ball when flying through the sky. Therefore, are white golf balls too dangerous?

Perhaps a bright orange colour suggests a sense of fun and adolescence. Whereas white is a more plain, sensible colour which reflects golf’s image as a sport played mainly by middle aged men.

So what is the best colour for golf ball?

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