Late night channel surfing came across beeb highlights of the golf from Loch Lomond.

One of their straight-laced commentators said, 'now here's Coco' . Initially, I couldn't think of which golfer he was referring too. and then it dawned on me, 'Coco the clown' after seeing John Daly's latest loud pants. The BBC commentator is probably an ex-pro and wore grey for most of his life. And that's what great about Daly. Someone who is prepared to stand out from the crowd and take the colourful jibes. To me, JD is a celebration of individualism. A peacock amongst sheep.

Then this morning an article claiming that Poulter has no fear of Daly taking over his fashion mantle. He still believes he's the king of the fashion fairways and was eager to tell one and all of his new tartan pants.

Got me thinking, have they thought about giving JD a bright pink ball to play with?

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  1. I also enjoy JD's Loudmouth apparel, some items more than others :) and his new attitude and look forward to seeing him soon here in Canada as he got an invitation to the Canadian Open the week after the Open Championship.