Carbon neutral Rose

On the eve of The Open.

Justin Rose has become possibly the first professional golfer to commit to doing something significant about the environment. This year, all Rose's carbon emissions, from his flights to his fridges, will be offset. Not just his, but those of his wife Kate, caddie, coach and manager. In short, all the members of Team Rose.

"An awareness of the environment is something Kate and I are very committed to. I said to my sponsors it would be great if you would contribute to reducing my carbon footprint. They said they can make my team carbon neutral for the year. "The deal is that if I use 10 tonnes of carbon emissions then my sponsors will buy credits that will offset these 10 tonnes. That's cool."

Golf Refugees thinks this is cool too. Just a little warning about carbon offsetting. It is a little bit like eating all of the cream cakes yourself, whilst paying for someone else far away to go on a diet to ease your gluttony.

This is why Golf Refugees apparel are manufactured using wind power which reduces the CO2 emissions by over 89% per size large shirt. Therefore if Justin wore Golf Refugees eco polos he would actually reduce his carbon footprint rather than buying carbon credits.

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