Sergio & Phiten

In our mail today, we received a big picture of Sergio Garcia lookin thoughtful and manly. At first, we weren't exactly sure why we had received this, thinking it was highly unlikely Sergio is contemplating switching allegiance from Adidas to Golf Refugees. Though if he starts to play really really badly, we might be able to afford him.

After reading further, it was something to do with 'a well being product that uses titanium processed in a special, secretive way, which helps to maintain the body's natural state of balance to encourage optimum performance, which is easily disrupted by today's busy lifestyle'. Phiten products are suitable for anyone and everyone, even top-level International athletes and sports personalities such as Sergio Garcia have chosen to use products from the Phiten range. Included in the press pack, were five sample patches.

I can report that my body was starting to feel unbalanced.

It is easy to instantly dismiss such tosh, but not wanting to pass-up an opportunity to give my girlfriend the chance of reaching optimum performance. I decided to act.
Unfortunately she was out, so I placed one of the patches on the dog.

And he has been acting very strangely. Still, if it's good enough for Sergio.

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