Polo envy

At Golf Refugees we can understand, almost appreciate, that you can feel proud wearing a polo shirt worn by one of your favourite professional golfers.

You watch Tiger, Phil, Sergio, Monty, maybe not, wearing this season's Nike, Adidas, Puma, Pringle colourful stripey creation and think heck, I'd like one of those. After all, it's a quality garment. It makes you feel good and look good whilst swinging on and off the course.

You don't spend much time thinking about how much the brands pay so and so to wear it, that's all just part of marketing and business. Fair enough. So how does an indie brand, without the coffers to pay say Tiger 100 million big ones over five years for parading around in their latest clobber, make you feel proud?

Here goes. Golf Refugees polos are 89% better, environmentally, then any polo shirt worn by any top golf professional.

89% better is a big margin. Independently audited by The Soil Association and The Carbon Trust.

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