How much?

Apparently the market for premium golf balls is growing. Even though the number of rounds of golf being played has remained static over the past few years. More regular golfers are switching to these expensive 'techno' golf balls.

Such balls, with their thinner covers and seamless manufacturing techniques carry a hefty price tag. Say, forty quid a dozen or over three pounds per ball. Yeaks! If you happen to slice your first drive into the mire. But where does all that dosh go?

The retailers don't seem to be making much of a margin on them, only £6 to £8 per dozen box. The remaining £32 - £34 is divided up between the research and development costs, packaging and distribution, all those glossy advertisements and player endorsements. That just leaves profit for the particular brand and the cost of manufacturing.

How much do these premium golf balls cost to manufacturer? Well, about £3 per dozen box, or just 25 pence a ball. Doesn't sound too bad now, if you smash one into the trees. A real pity you have to pay for all of that other expensive marketing stuff.

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