Here at Golf Refugees we advocate no dress code (NDC). We'd just like to see as many people playin golf whether that be in blazers, stomach churning jumpers, jeans or just in your undies like Henrik.

Naturally, we'd like you to ask a few soul searching questions about your next apparel purchase. Is is ethically made? Is it highly polluting? Visually and chemically.

It's a pity most of the top pros have a dressed from head to toe contract with a leading brand. Wouldn't it be more visually stimulating if they could pic'n mix their clothing?

In our opinion Tiger looks dull, all in Nike, dressin ten years older. Poulter looks as though he tries way too hard. And Sergio always reminds us of junk food colourings.

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  1. There are definitely some golfers that could use a little help. It's interesting seeing Ryan Moore going the route of no sponsors and wearing what he likes maybe more should do that instead of being paid.