Golfer's grunt

I was watching a game of tennis on tv over the weekend, or should I say listening. Maria Sharapova holds the loudest grunt, recorded at 101 decibels. Is a grunt just an involuntary release at a moment of physical exertion or deliberate gamesmanship? Martina Navratilova explained there's more to a grunt that just irritating your opponent. A good grunt can drown out the sound of a ball hitting the racket, denying your opponent clues about your shot. Some coaches are now teaching players to grunt as an integral part of their game to help focus aggression.

I can't recall hearing many golfers grunt, but Monty must of let a few out. Do I now need to go and perfect my golfers grunt? There must be some technical tips in the golfing mags.

Next time on the tee, I'm going to launch an almighty shriek. Not sure if I can get away with that whilst standing over a six foot putt.

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