Golf Bug

Late last year, we were contacted by the commercial manager for Golf Bug tv, part of Simply Sports Media, requesting samples of our original black golf ball, disposable golf bag 'Bin Bag' and a selection of our carbon neutral organic cotton polo shirts.

They were filming a feature for 'The Back 9' programme at Celtic Manor and could we send our gear overnight. All very exciting for Golf Refugees stuff to be reviewed on a innovative web based tv golf channel.

All seemed swell, very positive feedback from their presenters for our golf products and eco clothing, though indifferent comments for Bin Bag. We were given written confirmation of the 10 th December 09, for the live show. Naturally, we told all of our friends and customers to watch it.

After the no-show. I rang the commercial manager of Golf Bug tv to find out what had happened. To be informed that he no longer worked for Simply Sports Media and our samples had gone awol. It was all a scam. Feelin a bit cheesed off, I sent a request for our samples to be returned or the equivalent value with a covering letter outlining all the contact we've had with their absconding former commercial manager. Their Chief Executive eventually called us to apologise and promised us a feature during 2009.

Still waiting.

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