Deutsche Bank Ladies Swiss Open 2009

This is big business sponsoring of a major golf event and trying to bring forward sustainable, environmentally friendly policies. The Deutsche Bank Ladies Swiss Open 2009 will be the first carbon neutral golf event. Great news.
Golf Refugees decided to contact them directly to get some insider information. We were naturally curious to see who their commercial partners were for this carbon neutral event. After some nice banter, we started to dig. Hugo Boss will be supplying the clothing, they are a high profile German brand, so no surprises there. However, when we asked whether this clothing was made from organic cotton and / or carbon neutral, the answers became vague and Deutsche Bank became reticent about discussing the event with us.
Let me say, that Golf Refugees fully support this event and praise sponsors who try and incorporate sustainable policies.
Here lies the problem with carbon offsetting. Carbon neutral is a term most often used to describe a state where CO2 emissions have been negated entirely by the purchase of intangible 'carbon offsets'. This represents the 'lowest quality' means of achieving carbon neutral status. The only course of action is to change business-as-usual practices and where possible achieve genuine reductions in carbon emissions through sourcing of local, low carbon products and lower on-site energy consumption.

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