Denim in Golf

That old chestnut. What is denim? It's just cotton. Our 'Club Champ' pic above, is wearin a pair of Golf Refugees reversed indigo denim 'cheat' pants. They are cut and have pocket details as you would find on trousers rather than jeans. Our cheat pants contain a hidden pocket, which allow you to drop a golf ball down the inside of the leg. Unless you have thighs like Fatima Whitbread, the golf ball should slip down nice'n easy. But they are made from denim, and most golf clubs forbid denim on the course. However, such restricted dress code rules have never dissuaded Golf Refugees. We've worn our denim cheat pants at some of the most prestigious golf courses in the UK. The eagle eyed rule enforcers seem more concerned about our black golf balls.

We've never understood dress code rules. You can buy a smart pair of jeans and be turned away. But wear an inexpensive pair of trousers, pulled up high, Simon Cowell style, leaving you a little short in the leg department and the fashion police wave you through.

However, it appears that you can wear denim at private golf clubs, as long as it doesn't look like jeans. During 2009, Golf Refugees are hoping to bring a little more denim into golf wear.

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