Around with Alliss

Do you recall the UK TV show from the 80's called 'Around with Alliss'?
Where a celebrity plays a few holes and a cosy chat with ex Ryder Cup
and BBC golf commentator Peter Alliss. When asked recently about bringing
back the show, Alliss replied he didn't believe there were big enough stars now.
One of his previous guests was little Ronnie Corbet, but he probably means something else.
So how about, Simon Cowell, err maybe not, trousers too high for regulation golf.
Paris Hilton, fairways would need to be sprayed pink. How about pop star Pink, she's just started playing? Alliss may have a point.
What about a slight change of format? Around with Malice. Where a celeb who has just lost out on shed loads of money from losing a hair /make-up /soft drinks contract. Vents his or her anger, weilding a club at the unfairness of it all.


  1. thats the funniest post I've read in ages!! Brilliant.

  2. 'Around with Malice' could be tv gold.