Tiger or Maurice?

Here at Golf Refugees, we like to think we are a little bit different, a bit left field. An indie band rather than mainstream pop. That could all sound like bollocks, but we're definitely not part of the worshipping Tiger sect.

Let me try to explain why, we're all hackers, personally, I may of broken 90 a couple of times, but breaking a 100 is always a triumph. It's difficult to relate to winning a major championship, let alone multiple victories. If in a similar position to Tiger, would we of sold out to Nike and dressed like an old man? Who knows. For these reasons, Tiger just isn't a suitable golfing hero for us.

Now Maurice; Maurice Flitcroft, a chain-smoking crane driver from Barrow-in-Furness, did something that all of us hackers could have attempted. He used his guile and sense of humour to enter the qualifying rounds of the Open championship. Maurice posted the highest recorded score of 49 over par for the first eighteen holes, before being banned for life by the men in blazers from the R & A. He was to return by outwitting the authorities by using cunning disguises and taking the name of his Alsatian dog.

Maurice Flitcroft is our true golfing hero. Below is a tribute video by Golf Refugees to Maurice.

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