Temper temper.

The above logo is embroidered onto all of our carbon neutral organic cotton t-shirts & polo shirts for golf. Why?

When I was a teenager, my family lived in North Wales, on the Isle of Anglesey. My local golf course; Baron Hill Golf Club situated in the seaside town of Beaumaris, comprised of nine holes with the fairways maintained by roaming sheep. The second, third and forth holes ran adjacent to one another and when the wind blew, there was an excellent chance of being hit by errant tee shots.

My favourite hole, was the short dog-leg right 7th. You had to carry your drive, approximately 150 yards over an outcrop of rocks to reach the plateau fairway. Leaving you just a short iron approach to the green. The small green was guarded on the right by a tall oak tree, which made cutting the dog-leg from the tee a real gamble.

One wind swept day, everything was going well, with a good chance of lowering my best score. I reached for my wooden driver on the 7th tee, and aimed for the fairway. It was a good strike, with plenty of power but lacking in altitude. An almighty crack, saw my ball ricochet back towards the tee after hitting the rock face. Keeping calm, I still believed I could rescue the situation, by playing a three wood onto the fairway. Another swing, and another crack, as my ball struck the rock face again, this time deflecting at an acute angle. Three further attempts, I'd forgotten about my score and found myself smashing the driver onto the rocks, swearing and with tears in my eyes.

This is probably why today, I'm a graphic designer and not a golf pro.

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  1. We are happy that you didn´t become a golf pro, because we would miss the nice shirts you produce.